Ongoing Work

I study convivial informatics through the design and development of alternatives to existing computational platforms. In practice, I investigate how to design participatory infrastructures that are resilient to breakdowns. I also study participatory design tools. This ranges from enabling rapid prototyping by non-designers, documenting participatory design activities. I have also worked on more critical approaches to PD.

  • Turning Explore from the Placed project into a product with Alix Ducros and Raphaelle Bats.
  • Understanding situated visualization and data physicalization.
  • Supporting planning and documenting PD workshops with l'Atelier des Chercheurs.
  • Co-designing and infrastructuring a low footprint Web experience with Nolwenn Maudet and Collectif Bam.

Past Projects

In the past years, I have worked on activity centric computing, i.e., proposing technical and conceptual ways to make activities first class citizens of computing platforms (like files and applications are today). This work involved field studies to understand how people manage activities, technical contributions to demonstrate the feasibility and limits of such proposals, empirical studies to understand how such systems would transform practices. I have applied this work to a variety of domains such as education, sport, scientific research.


If you have you own project that can be a good match with my research, feel free to reach out as we have funding for visitors, and phd candidates. If you are looking for Information Visualisation / Visual Analytics projects in Lyon, check out Romain Vuillemot's webpage, for computer supported learning and gamification, Elise Lavoué.